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San Canessa

The artwork on this site was curated for the NPA by artist San Canessa from their series Develations

Meditative, curious, and serene, San’s water-based practice invites new perspectives on healing. Water as a metaphor for re-interpreting our perspectives, re-wiring and sustaining our individual and collective landscapes speaks to our deepest understanding and highest hopes for the advent of psychedelics and a new path for healthcare.  

San is an abstract painter from El Salvador working with acrylic inks and water. Their work is an intuitive dance, an improvisation between material and memory, a process of internal and external cartography in which emotional, neurological, and spiritual landscapes are surveyed. Water documents time through its currents, queering landscapes, conducting information and ink, resolving in a visual record of where and how the two had been. 

These paintings are an invitation to commune with the mind, body, and spirit and to join in rituals of conjuring perspectives of our fluid essence. 

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