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National Psychedelics Association

Ensuring Access to a
New Era of Human Health

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A world where equitable, widespread access to evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapy transforms the whole of human health.

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Ensuring everyone in the U.S. can and will get the support they need accessing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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FDA-approved psychedelic therapies will face obstacles as they enter the mainstream: accessibility, affordability and representation.

The National Psychedelics Association is a non-profit creating products, services, and infrastructure essential to overcome these challenges so that non-prescription psychedelic-assisted care can expand safely and consistently across the US.

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NPA Products and services to include:
* Participant assessments
* Provider and service matching
* Adverse event and participant outcomes reporting
* Compliance reporting
* Training on research and protocols 
* Banking services
* Liability and professional malpractice insurance
* Federal, state, and local advocacy
* Marketing and publishing support
* Networking & Events


Britt Rollins
Chris Olson
David Markham-Gessner
Strategic Lead, Alliance
Matthew Ettinger
Strategic Lead, Advocacy
Mara Rosenthal
Strategic Lead, Awareness
Aidan Galtieri-Moore
Strategic Lead, Outreach

National Psychedelics Association

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